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Rodeo Finance

Farms with easy, automated and secure leverage on all the top farms Arbitrum has to offer. Earn yield on majors in our lending pools with better APY than most other lending markets.


Parallax provides liquidity infrastructure that empower individuals, DAOs, and other protocols to generate yield on Arbitrum.

Lodestar Finance

Lodestar Finance is an algorithmic borrowing and lending protocol that is aiming to bring the critical DeFi primitive of decentralized money markets to Arbitrum communities.


Hyperliquid is a decentralized perpetual exchange with best-in-class speed, liquidity, and price. Trade with referral code 'PRIMAPES' for a 4% discount on fees!

Top Tier Signals

Top Tier Signals is a paid trading group ($50/month) that grants access to high-success rate trade calls and a powerful TradingView indicator - Entry Sniper. All Primape holders, and holders of 5+ Base Babies, have access to a free month to their Discord and Entry Sniper indicator!


A platform for games using the BASE blockchain built on the LandTorn infrastructure & utilizing $TORN. Build your profile, play games, win rewards and get access to special events. Use referral code 'PRIMAPES' to mint your free Settlers and join the Primapes Clan on Lorak!


SpartaDEX is a combination of real-time strategy game set in the realities of ancient Greece and a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. We called it a gamified DEX. The main goal is to provide the exchange with user engagement known from video games, which builds loyalty and consistency in providing liquidity.