Arbitrum Alpha Hub

Primapes are a PFP NFT collection on Arbitrum that also serve as your membership to the Arbitrum Alpha Hub Discord server.

Our vision is to onboard new users into Arbitrum, invest in projects/protocols we believe in, build the best alpha tools for all PrimapesDAO members to utilize, and grow the treasury to fund and build dope shit.

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Primapes Treasury

The Primapes Treasury was initially funded from the mint of the collection. Those funds, and 100% of royalties from secondary sales, go towards the treasury.

The treasury is managed by the Primape Cartel and governed by all DAO members (Primapes holders).

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Primapes DAO

1 Primape = 1 vote. All DAO members can vote on proposals on how funds in the Primapes Treasury are utilized. Holders of 3 or more Primapes can create proposals to be voted on.

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